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Customer Testimonials

“Olga is a very unique designer with an amazing vision. The detail on her haute couture is sheer perfection. Her designs are not just an outfit....they are a masterpiece filled with an abundance of love and passion. Every fashionista doggie must have Orostani Couture in their closet.”
- Sandy Thompson

“Eli the Chihuahua and I both love Orostani Couture! I wanted a more personal touch to the night owl recycled denim studded vest, and Olga was more than happy to add Eli’s signature star and name in ‘bling’ along the sides of the vest. It fits perfectly and is adorable on the little guy. He looks like the true stud and celebrity that he and all dogs are!”
- Karen Biehl from Reality TV Show Doggie Moms

“I have purchased several dresses from Olga and have loved all of them. The fabrics, designs and the look of each outfit is just amazing. Olga's dog clothing is for the confident, edgy pup. She mixes interesting fabrics with trendy styling. I recently asked Olga to design a Beyonce inspired harness for my dog Zz and she crafted a copy of Beyonce's 2013 Super Bowl outfit, complete with the wrap skirt. Well, everywhere my dog wears that outfit she gets noticed.”
- Ilene Zeins from Paul Nathan's book Couture Dogs of New York

“Olga Yuditsky of Orostani Couture is one of the most talented doggie designers I have met. She incorporates couture design, edginess, and a ‘today’ feel to all of her garments. A dog would be lucky to wear Orostani Couture! Wish these outfits could be made for me!”
- Fern Weinbaum

“If you want your pup to standout in the crowd, Olga's, OROSTANI Couture, is the place to turn to. For truly one of a kind design for both the girl and boy dog, Olga will transform them into a super-dog!”
- Anne Maria Tafoya

“I buy only the best for my Morkie, Tasha Bella! Tasha is a dog actress/model in NYC. She is also known as a Fashionista! Living in Manhattan, it is not chic to be seen in the same dress twice, so we must order custom made Designer Dog Dresses, to attend events in the city. The competition is fierce among doggie designers these days, but I find that with OROSTANI Couture for Haute Doggies, the quality of fabric is outstanding and the uniqueness of the design makes my little girl stand out in a crowd!! OROSTANI Couture designs are also exquisitely detailed with embellishments, such as flowers or pearls. You know an OROSTANI Couture design when you see it!!”
- Susan Godwin, NYC, recently featured on Spoiled Rotten Pets with her dog, Tasha

"These jeans not only look amazing on my pomeranian but he runs around in them with absolutely no restrictions. As with the other pieces I bought here we receive no end of compliments when we are out! Thanks again OrostaniCouture!" - Skull & Crossbone Denim Jeans
- BarkleythePom

"This piece is exquisitely made & looks fantastic on my pom. I couldnt be happier. Thank you OrostaniCouture!" - Genuine Shearling Studded Luxury Dog Coat

"Wonderful piece! My first from OrostaniCouture & I was impressed with everything from the communication & service to the perfection of the craftsmanship. So I came back for more!"
- Night Owl Studded Denim Jacket

"We order this gorgeous dress and it was delivered so fast. Orostani Couture was so professional and nice with us! I would highly recommend anyone to purchase any of her work. I certainly will be buying from this designer again!" - Ma Cherie Paris Rose Glamour Dress

"I love this dress! The stretchy fabric is super comfy and easy to put on my dog... She loves to play and can do it so well in this pink punk dress! The style is fashion and edgy, a bit like Gwen Stefani! The shipping was superfast and contact with designer was excellent!!" - Glam Fairy Punk Princess Glamour Dress

"Thank you so much for designing this amazing and stylish Puma Couture Studded Hoodie! It was soooo adorable! The stitching was detailed and high quality:) Will be purchasing more items from Orostani Couture! Thank you!"